Open Tracking

Open tracking is a feature that allows you to track when an email is opened by a recipient. This implemented by including a transparent GIF image in the email that is loaded from the SMTPD platform when the email is opened.

Here's how it works:

  1. When you send an email with open tracking enabled, the SMTPD platform inserts a transparent GIF image into the email. This image is hosted on the SMTPD platform and is very small (a few bytes in size).

  2. When the recipient opens the email, their email client will download the image from the SMTPD platform. This download request includes information about the recipient's email client and IP address, which is recorded by SMTPD.

  3. The SMTPD platform uses this information to determine that the email has been opened and records this event in the email's tracking data.

Open tracking can be useful for understanding how your emails are being received and used by recipients. For example, you might use open tracking to understand how many of your emails are being opened, or to see how long it takes for an email to be opened after it is sent.

It's important to note that open tracking is not always accurate, as some email clients may block the tracking image or the recipient may have image loading disabled in their email clien

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