Email Tracking

Email tracking is a feature that allows you to monitor the delivery and engagement of emails sent through SMTPD. This can help you understand how your emails are being received and used by recipients, and can provide valuable insights for improving the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

There are a few different ways that email tracking can be implemented:

  1. Open tracking: This tracks when an email is opened by a recipient. This is typically done by including a transparent image in the email that is loaded from SMTPD platform.

  2. Click tracking: This tracks when a recipient clicks on a link in an email. This is typically done by redirecting the link through the SMTPD platform, which allows the platform to track the click and record it in the email's tracking data.

Tracking data is usually accessible through SMTPD's API or App. This data can be used to understand how your emails are performing and to make informed decisions about how to improve their effectiveness.

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